How to make safe digital payments?

COVID-19: Make Safe Digital Payments During Lockdown

Due to the lockdown, A lot of banks have revised their timings to adhere to the rules made by the Govt. Small businesses that were normally dealing in cash are deeply affected by this change. It was witnessed that a lot of businesses started accepting cashless payments after demonetisation, The same is bound to happen during COVID-19 as RBI is pushing businesses to use digital payments to save economy.

Make digital payments
Make digital payments

Due to lack of proper awareness in people, online scams are a serious concern in India. With a lot of people getting scammed for money on various platforms, it is important to know how you can do digital payments safely.


FAQs: How to Make Secure Digital Payments

How to use UPI?

You can use any UPI app like Google Pay, Bhim UPI, Phone Pay etc, to send or accept money using UPI.

  • While making any payment you can now use UPI payment option. Enter your permanent UPI address. You will get a collect request on your UPI app. Enter your UPI pin and your payment will be processed in no time.

  • All payments done using UPI are instant irrespective of bank’s working hours.

  • You see a success status on the UPI app and receive a bank message after every successful transaction. It may take longer time in some cases due to network issues. Contact your bank if you don’t recieve your confirmation within an hour.

  • You don’t need to add any beneficiary before making a UPI payment.
  • How to Identify a Scam Site?

  • Pay close attention to URL of the website. Verify if you are making payment on the original website or a similar looking fake website.

  • Check if your payments are secured by verifying HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL.

  • Consider Google safe browsing transparency report. This report comes in sort of a warning whenever you are trying to an unsafe website.

  • Read this article on how to identify fake or SPAM websites?

    How to Make Safe UPI Payments?

  • Never share your UPI pin, User id, OTP or any other bank details with anyone.

  • Stay away from duplicate mobile apps that may look genuine but are not. These apps may steal your passwords and card information.
    Keep your phone updated. These updates are pushed by developers for a reason.
    Don’t use same pin for screen lock and UPI payments. You are more vulnerable if there is a same password for both.
    Keep a look on your bank account activity on a regular basis.
  • How to Complaint/Raise Query When Transaction Fails?

    Contact your bank immediately after you get to know about any suspicious transaction.
    The sooner you contact your bank, The safer your money is.

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