Corona Kavach Policy – A Better Bargain Than Medical Bills

Corona Kavach Policy – A Better Bargain Than Medical Bills

The current coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of 783K people worldwide and has affected more than 22.2 million people. At present there has been no substantial vaccine or medication for the virus and the only way it is being treated is by managing the symptoms.

Supposing one tests positive for COVID, the medical bill can hit an exorbitant amount, therefore, one can go for the Corona Kavach Policy. IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) recently launched the scheme keeping in view the current situation.

One can go for a cashless claim at a network hospital or reimbursement claim at non-network hospitals.

What does the policy include?

About Policy:

  1. It is available for an individual or family and can be acquired for self or others provided the individual is between 18 – 65 years of age.
  2. The minimum sum insured will be Rs. 50,000 while the maximum would be Rs. 5,00,000.


  1. Hospitalization Expense (Valid only if the individual is hospitalized for 24 hours or more):
    • This includes most of the charges from bed-charges, blood tests, PPE-kits, nursing charges, oxygen, ICU, and Doctor consultation fees. Ambulance charges too up to a certain amount and transportation cost from the hospital to another in case prescribed by a medical practitioner are also covered.
  2. Pre – Hospitalization Expense:
    • Before a hospitalization, expenses such as doctor consultation, check-up, or a diagnosis including COVID one, 15 days before the hospitalization are covered.
  3. Post – Hospitalization Expense:
    • Post-hospitalization charges include medical expenses incurred until 30 days after discharge.
  4. Home-Care Treatment Expense:
    • In the case of treatment from home the medical expenses related to health monitoring, medical costs for 14 days would be covered.

Policybazaar vocalized that the company was selling around a thousand policies per day and 85% of the buyers chose Corona Kavach policy while the 15% opted for the Corona Rakshak policy (benefit-based) policy.

Millennials have shown a strong interest in the policy

MD and CEO, Max Bupa Health Insurance, Krishnan Ramachandran stated “So far, the highest purchase for Max Bupa Corona Kavach plan is by millennials as 43% buyers are in the age group of 18-30 years. The trend shows that there is a demand for short-term COVID-19-specific covers, especially among the first-time buyers of health insurance. The uncertainty around COVID-19 is leading people to buy health cover for themselves and their families.”

The pandemic has instilled a feeling of ‘safeguarding’ in the millennials and now they feel the importance of having health insurance in their financial portfolio. The pandemic has not only affected the physical body of the people but also the psychological health.

Before the spread of COVID-19, the millennials were least bothered about having a health plan that covered diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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