Sale of diesel dropped 5% this year in November

Sale of diesel dropped 5% this year in November

FILE PHOTO: A man fuels his car at a petrol station in London, Britain, July 26, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Sale of diesel in India dropped 5% as compared to last year, In the first half of November, as per the industry data showed on Monday, after increasing for the first time in eight months in Oct.

However, sales of diesel, the country’s most used petrol, were 7 percent higher on a month-on-month basis. Between 1 and 15 November, diesel consumption stood at 2.86 million tonnes, down from 3.01 million tonnes a year earlier in the same period. It was anyway a higher market If we see figures for the first half of oct i.e 2.65 million tonnes.

Sales of petrol grew slightly to 1.03 million tonnes from 1.02 million tonnes, while sales of cooking gas (LPG) dropped by 2 percent to 1.07 million tonnes for the first time this year.
Sales of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) fell by 53% year-on-year to 155,000 tonnes but were 1.3% higher month-on-month. In October, the overall demand for petroleum products increased by 2.5 percent to hit 17.77 million tonnes. Diesel consumption had returned to normal last month.

Diesel consumption growth was the highest in a year. Industry sources said diesel sales rose month-on-month, which is a good indication. After a national lockdown, imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus, shut down industries and took most vehicles off-road, fuel demand dropped by 49 percent in April. Local and state-level restrictions followed the 69-day nationwide lockdown. Only slowly and in stages have restrictions eased, and localised restrictions remain in containment zones.

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