Sonali Phogat says she is in love with Aly Goni


Bigg Boss has been famous for fights, controversies, jodis and a hell lot of drama. Today, as Eijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya and some other contestants were seen fighting with Rakhi Sawant, Sonali Phogat was euphoric claiming that she fell in love with Aly Goni.

Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was full of quarrels, again, something Bigg Boss is famous for, but it also gave the audience butterflies by letting us into exploring some beautiful moments as Sonali Phogat claimed to have fallen in love with Aly Goni. Yes, you read it right!!

The episode began with Arshi Khan hugging Rahul Vaidya and declaring truce from her side. After some time, Aly fought with Rakhi Sawant, blaming her for having prayed that he separates from Jasmin Bhasin. Jasmin was voted out of the show on Sunday.

Many contestants, including Eijaz Khan, Arshi, Rahul, Nikki Tamboli and Aly fought with Rakhi. Eijaz kept repeating that it was his fault to have said that Rakhi was targeted in the house. The fact was that Rakhi was targeting him, he added. Vikas Gupta was the only one who talked in Rakhi’s defence. “Stop torturing Rakhi. It is like she got tis blot as soon as she became the captain,” Vikas said.

Aly, mockingly told Rakhi that she is like his bua.

“Now I will call you bua, I will give you so much of respect, you will drown in respect,” he said.

Rakhi then lashed out to call him chacha. She then walked outside the room, and cried as she told Rubina Dilaik bounced upon her with the news that Aly and Nikki have been making fun of her.

“They are laughing at my age! I got a little fat because I have at home for a year and was not excercising but what do they mean? How can they make fun of my age? I need to work when I step out of this house.”

Rakhi Sawant

Arshi later clarified that Aly simply said he wanted to respect Rakhi and she made things go too far by calling him uncle.

Arshi was teasing Sonali when she asked to stare into the eyes of Eijaz Khan and Aly Goni. However, Sonali Phogat said she could do so for Eijaz, but not Aly. While Aly insisted she must, Eijaz refused to allow Sonali to do that. Sonali blushed as she said that she could not look into Aly’s eyes. Later, Sonali was seen telling Arshi that she may have fallen for Aly. “Mujhe ye sab nhi karna chahiye na (I shouldn’t be doing all this, right)? I did not feel like this earlier. But something has happened,” she told Arshi even as she kept laughing and saying that it was no harm in loving someone.

Sonali also said that she understood Aly loves someone else (Jasmin Bhasin) and there is no possibility of a relationship with him. Sonali was also seen sharing her feelings with Eijaz. “Mujhe pata hai ye cheesein mere liye nahi hai, but feelings hain (I know this is not for me, but there are feelings).” Eijaz then told her that it is not necessary that you need to act upon those feelings, you may simply cherish them without acting upon them.

Later, Arshi, Rahul and Rakhi had all gathered near Sonali’s bed and discussed how she felt about Aly.

“When I came in the house, I found everyone the same, even Aly. But something happened last night,”

Sonali Phogat

Sonali Phogat aforementioned and Rahul asked how it was once Arshi had asked her to dive into Aly’s eyes. Sonali replied within the affirmative. Rakhi then told Sonali Phogat that she is aware of the fact that Aly isn’t aiming to be together with her, however, the sense of affection is making  her see things with an exceedingly varied perspective. Believing Rakhi, Sonali aforesaid, “Tabse lag raha hai meri duniya hi badal gai (Feels like my world has modified since then),” as Aly blushed, covering his face along with his hands and aforesaid, “Oh God, that’s so cute!” Rahul then sang Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa and Aly Goni and Sonali Phogat danced along.


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