From Javed Akhtar to Rasika Dugal- Remarkable talents with birthdays this week and what’s in store for them

Birthdays and the stars!

Birthdays and Astrology have had a direct connection forever. Birthdays, being nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake are the best yearly occasions to call for some celebration. And it’s always fascinating to know what’s in store, therefore astrology too has become widespread. So, how about we mix the two and get a glimpse of the birthdays of our favorite stars while also looking at what astrologers have predicted is in store for them the coming month.

Javed Akhtar, lyricist-poet (Born: January 17, 1945)

Javed Akhtar has been the face of poetry in the Indian Cinema. His ability to express the trickiest of emotions in the most vivacious manner won the hearts of many. Evan now, he is regarded widely by the current generation. His birthday, being today, makes the date very auspicious especially for those in love with literature.

As per astrologists have explained, Javed is a Capricorn by the virtue of his date of birth. This year he is meant to be under the influence of the auspicious planets, Jupiter and Mars. So, seems like there isn’t much to worry about. It is anticipated that the year 2021 will carve new paths for Javed helping him complete the amount of work that was pending the past year

Work will be made easy with his skills and concentration, and everyone will follow his working style. In September 2021, some problems will arise on the work front, leaving him under pressure. Risk-taking tendencies should be curbed, and Javed shall avoid major activities during this period. At the end of the year chances are that he will yield a lot of power, which he has probably not experienced before. 2021 brings a very favourable time for him, so fans would advice him to enjoy and utilise it well.

Ali Abbas Zafar, Filmmaker (Born January 17, 1982)

Zafar’s birthday brings a quite favorable time for him. Unexpected gifts and gains are all set to pour in from different sectors. He will do better in his career and gain prosperity. His opponents will not dare to interrupt his way and he will get your share of reputation.

But, it is advised that as the year progresses, Zafar doesn’t fall behind in keeping a positive approach in his communications and be non offensive throughout to ensure that he does not experience any setbacks due to his words- written or spoken. He might get favors from superiors and higher authorities. He will have a sound health and physique. Zafar may require to put in more time and energy in a leadership position at work. Family life will be quite satisfactory.

Rasika Dugal, actor (Born: January 17, 1985)

When it comes to career, Rasika is hardworking and disciplined. The planetary position of Saturn is set to bring success. Saturn respects hardwork so she might feel the need to put in more efforts and concentration in her work. Jupiter will make her better at her craft, and will bring praises from all quarters. Problems in relationships may arise as Rasika might tend to be a little dominating and demanding when it comes to relationships. This might lead to friction between her equation with her loved ones.

Shantanu Moitra, composer and musician (Born: January 22, 1968)

The planetary positions of Jupiter and Venus (in the fifth and ninth house respectively) will help Shantanu continue with his success story. It is advised that he takes care of his elders and respects them, it will benefit him in the near future. Towards the end of the year, in December, he will be full of newfound courage, and enjoy conjugal happiness during this time. Over all, the time is his, we’d say use it, enjoy it!

That was all from our side for the day. We hope you liked reading this article. You may wish these stars in your own ways through the various social media platforms!


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