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Kangana Ranaut will bring another story of a fearless warrior queen on Big screen.

Kangana Ranaut announced the standalone sequel of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

The title of her next project is Manikarnika returns The Legend of Queen Didda. She took it to her Twitter and announced the film along with producer Kamal Jain. 

Alluding to her 2019 film Manikarnika she wrote – “the history of the country stands witness to great warriors like the queen of Jhansi”. Introducing its sequel she further writes – “another such story of heroism is of Queen who defeated Mahmood Ghaznavi not once but twice”. 

Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda will be a  historical drama that will portray the story of a fierce warrior queen of Kashmir. Queen Didda was the ruler of Kashmir from 980 CE to 1003 CE. She was the daughter of King Simharaja, the king of Lohara, and was married to the king of Kashmir Ksemagupta.

When her husband died she took over the kingdom as her son Abhimanyu II was still a child. She acted as a regent to her son and grandsons and ruled Kashmir for four decades. 

She defeated an army of thirty thousand men with only five hundred warriors in a matter of forty-five minutes. Historians say that Queen Didda had a very cruel way to kill her enemies, she did so to propagate a message to people who dare to enter her territory. It is hard to believe that a fierce warrior like her was physically challenged but has the honor of being the last Queen of Kashmir.  

Mahmood Ghaznavi was defeated twice by her and did not let him take control of her territory. It was because of her that Mahmood Ghaznavi was compelled to enter India through Gujarat. She was also called the Witch Queen who had some black magic skills by the kings of the neighboring territory. She is also called the Catherine of Kashmir referring to Catherine the Great of Russia, the ruthless queen who ruled the country for a long.

The prequel to this movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi released in 2019 made a box office collection of INR 132.95 – 152 crore. The movie was directed by Kangana Ranaut along with Krish. The franchise movie on the Queen of Kashmir is also expected to become a hit on the big screens. The movie is expected to be released in the early next year. Kangana Ranaut has other projects in the pipeline which include Tejas, Dhaakad, and Thalaivi. Kangana Ranaut will also be seen in the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and has also shared a picture of her in the look on her social media. 


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