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Mobile App Development Project – what is the need to outsource?

Outsourcing has been considered the bogeyman but with changing times, it has proved to be a healthy and efficient business practice.

At the time of this aggressive competition, businesses have left no stone unturned therefore to keep up with it every feasible tactic has to be exercised in the market and mobile applications have emerged victorious.

Organizations that are up to date of the speedy alterations in the business have now started recognizing the need for outsourcing mobile app development.

A report by Deloitte suggested that IT outsourcing services surged by 31% in 2018.


The chief reasons for an individual to be outsourcing an app development project are:

1. Cost-Effective Stratergy

59% of companies have been outsourcing as it is considered a cost-effective approach.

Outsourcing a mobile development app will help you lessen the overhead expenses as it would cut the infrastructure, recruitment, and training expenses. According to figures outsourcing can help in cutting up to 75% costs.

2. Efficient Results

Outsourcing an app development project lets you have a trouble-free and refined application. Experts even have estimation techniques both automated and laboring that benefit in inspecting the status and performance of the application. This also helps the business to focus on the central model and strengths while getting the work done by field experts. Even from a security point of view, an outsourcing company must be preferred to keep the sensitive and delicate data in safe hands.

3. Time Zone Advantage

At the time of deadlines and heavy workload, Time Zone Advantage has been proved to be of immense aid. Outsourcing the work to some organization that is in an opposite time zone helps to work on a 24*7 basis.

India having cheap labor wages takes the advantage of this strategy and has therefore emerged as the “most preferred outsourcing destination” owing to India’s formidable IT business process outsourcing (IT-BPO), disclosed CBRE India in its 2017 Asia Pacific Occupier Survey Report.

65% of all outsourced IT jobs are held by India.

Things you should be keeping in mind while choosing the App Development Team to outsource:

1. Brand

While choosing a development organization to outsource organization one must prefer going for a brand because an esteemed organization would go at lengths to deliver smooth and quality work.

2. Offerings

A well working development team should be offering a project manager, daily updates, stand up calls, local account manager and barrier tracking.

3. Skills

The development organization must have prior experience of working on similar projects to ensure and have a check on the quality of work offered.

4. Reviews

Before getting in touch with the development team, make sure to examine the organization and regard the reviews.

5. Service

A good development organization will assist you to the launching of the app once it has been tested completely.

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your compititors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business”, Lee Kuan Yew.

To have satisfactory results by not adding a dent to the wallet, outsourcing is the best plan of action for your business. Outsourcing mobile app development benefits in keeping the name in the market. Outsourcing would even act as a helping hand if you wish to be focussed on the principal activities. By reducing the costs, it would also aid in profits providing higher returns on investments.

Some of the best companies for outsourcing the mobile development apps are Seguro Technologies, Erico IT Services, QBurst, Appster, etc.


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