Easiest Ways of Making Money Online

7 Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online in 2020

Who doesn’t want to work online and spend more time with their family? Being able to work from home is like a dream come true for many people. I have been doing this for more than a decade now and I will be sharing a list of 7 actionable ways that will help you in making money online. You won’t be needing any paid courses to try these things. Simply start from the basics and keep on learning by experimenting more on your chosen path.


#1 Crypto Trading

Make money using bitcoin while staying at home

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that serves like Rupee, Dollars, Euros etc, but only exists in electronic form. Investing in Cryptocurrency can yield huge profits. But it also involves taking huge risks.

Price of bitcoins have nearly doubled in past 1 year and is still growing at a good rate. Crypto Trading is fun and it can fetch good profits for you if you do it wisely.

Cryptocurrency Trading

You can start by investing a small amount in cryptocurrency if you are a beginner. Try to hold it for a long time for more profit.

  • Do proper research about cryptocurrency before investing.
  • Don’t just buy and wait in hope, Try to identify basic indicators and draft a clear strategy.
  • Do technical analysis to figure out which cryptocurrency is good for you.
  • Pay attention to risk analysis, Not doing so is like taking a walk in minefield.

#2 Blogging

Make money by blogging

Blogging is sort of a journal or a diary that is located on the internet. Content of a blog may include images, videos, animated Gifs, Songs etc. A blog can also be made public to engage audience for sharing useful information with an exclusive group. There are a lot of full time bloggers who write blogs about any specific topic that they like to share about.

A blog can be made on various platforms like Wordppress, Blogger or Tumblr for free. After your blog has an audience you can monetise it through Ads, paid reviews, product promotions, etc.

If you provide value to your readers then they are more likely to repeat. This develops a trust and provides more loyal audience to your blog. You can also bring traffic to your blog using social media and search engines.

How to earn money from blogging?
How to earn money from blogging?
  • Create quality content, Consider your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness while selecting a topic for your blog.
  • Don’t be too afraid of experimenting.
  • Actively work on your blog.

#3 Image Selling

If you think you got a good hold over your camera and a little creativity, You can upload your pictures on image stock websites like shutterstock and istockphoto.

make money by selling images online
make money by selling images online
  • In total, contributors have earned more than $300 million from over 500 million downloads. Shutterstock also sells videos, including 4k and HD, as well as vectors and images.
  • You can also refer photographers to earn upto $300 on every purchase.

#4 YouTubing

YouTube is the biggest video content sharing platform with over 2 billion Sign in every month and over 500 hours of videos getting uploaded every hour. With almost half of the world’s population using this platform, It can easily be used as an income source online.

To get started, You have sign up on YouTube.com using your Google account.

Click on the icon and start uploading your videos. You can start earning using Adsense once you are eligible for monetization.

YouTube Earnings 2013
YouTube Earnings 2013

Other ways to earn money using YouTube

  • YouTube Premium Revenue : If a YouTube premium member watches your video you get a small portion of their subscription fee.
  • Selling Channel Memberships : In order to do this you need to be at least 18 Years old and have 30K+ Subscribers on your YouTube Channel.
  • Sell your own merchandise like T shirts, Watches, Phone Covers etc.

#5 Selling On E-commerce

E-commerce stores like Amazon and Flipkart are a goldmine if you are willing to sell your product online. It is easy and profitable when compared to managing an offline store. If you are able to put in some time and hard work into your business then it can easily fetch you $$$$ by getting direct sales.

Make Money using E-commerce
Make Money using E-commerce
  • Option to sell your own products under your own brand name.
  • Buy products at a cheaper price from wholesale and sell them at a retail price online.
  • Your packing and shipping is managed by E-commerce company.

#6 Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good presence over social media or if you know how to sell, Then you should definitely try affiliate marketing. You can immediately start making money online by promoting products and providing sales to big brands.

  • Select any product or service that you would want to promote in your community. It is recommended that you try the product yourself before recommending it to someone.
  • Sign up for there affiliate and generate your Affiliate URL. Your affiliate URL has a unique tracking ID associated with your account.
  • Whenever someone buys any product using your link, You get paid on a commision basis.
  • You can share your affiliate URL on your Blog/YouTube Channel.
  • Write reviews of products that you have tried and are actually good. Put in your link your link in the review.

#7 Freelancing

If you enjoy writing, programming or doing photo editing sort of stuff you can work as a freelancer on various platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. Freelancing requires some sort of special skill that someone else might not have.

Have Fun and While Working
  • Work for clients from all over the world.
  • You get to do work of your expertise with flexible working hours.
  • You can charge more based on your experience and skills.

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